Commit 18821dd4 authored by Volodymyr Shamray's avatar Volodymyr Shamray

Merge branch '199-budget-dat-bw-compat' into Current-dev

parents 995c5f4f 1ffe7871
......@@ -611,7 +611,7 @@ bool LoadData()
uiInterface.InitMessage(_("Loading budget cache..."));
if (!Load(budget, "budget.dat", "MasternodeBudget"))
if (!Load(budget, "budget-v2.dat", "MasternodeBudget"))
return InitError(_("Failed to load systemnode cache from") + "\n" + (pathDB / strDBName).string());
......@@ -638,7 +638,7 @@ bool LoadData()
void DumpData()
Dump(mnodeman, "mncache.dat", "MasternodeCache");
Dump(budget, "budget.dat", "MasternodeBudget");
Dump(budget, "budget-v2.dat", "MasternodeBudget");
Dump(masternodePayments, "mnpayments.dat", "MasternodePayments");
Dump(snodeman, "sncache.dat", "SystemnodeCache");
Dump(systemnodePayments, "snpayments.dat", "SystemnodePayments");
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