Commit ae7ef99d authored by Tom Bradshaw's avatar Tom Bradshaw

Include coinstake information in TxToJSON().

parent 5cdd3c82
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......@@ -64,9 +64,19 @@ void TxToJSON(const CTransaction& tx, const uint256 hashBlock, Object& entry)
Array vin;
BOOST_FOREACH(const CTxIn& txin, {
Object in;
if (tx.IsCoinBase())
if (tx.IsCoinBase()) {
in.push_back(Pair("coinbase", HexStr(txin.scriptSig.begin(), txin.scriptSig.end())));
else {
} else if (tx.IsCoinStake()) {
in.push_back(Pair("coinstake", HexStr(txin.scriptSig.begin(), txin.scriptSig.end())));
if (!hashBlock.IsNull()) {
BlockMap::iterator mi = mapBlockIndex.find(hashBlock);
if (mi != mapBlockIndex.end() && (*mi).second) {
auto pindex = (*mi).second;
in.push_back(Pair("pointer_hash", pindex->stakeSource.first.GetHex()));
in.push_back(Pair("pointer_n", (int64_t)pindex->stakeSource.second));
} else {
in.push_back(Pair("txid", txin.prevout.hash.GetHex()));
in.push_back(Pair("vout", (int64_t)txin.prevout.n));
Object o;
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