Commit f56012fd authored by Ashot's avatar Ashot

Allow instant send for all transactions

parent 9ffdf633
......@@ -50,15 +50,6 @@ void InstantSend::ProcessMessage(CNode* pfrom, const std::string& strCommand, CD
BOOST_FOREACH(const CTxOut o, tx.vout){
// IX supports normal scripts and unspendable scripts (used in DS collateral and Budget collateral).
// TODO: Look into other script types that are normal and can be included
if(!o.scriptPubKey.IsNormalPaymentScript() && !o.scriptPubKey.IsUnspendable()){
IXLogPrintf("ProcessMessageInstantX::ix - Invalid Script %s\n", tx.ToString().c_str());
int nBlockHeight = CreateNewLock(tx);
bool fMissingInputs = false;
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